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I love developing branded B2B and B2C content across print, web, email, social, mobile, and emerging platforms. I write, edit, curate, re-purpose, leverage, and art-direct content for international audiences, including style guides, websites, interest articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies, newsletters, advertising, press releases, social media, digital apps, print catalogues, proposals and presentations. I develop editorial calendars and create content aligned with business goals, customer journeys, audience engagement, cultural trends and thought leadership. 

Sparking the next generation of racially diverse tech leaders | Tech Spark

What does it mean to make a difference, to actually leave the world a better place? Making an impact starts with a decision. It’s a decision to invest in something greater than ourselves. There is no greater investment than the next generation of racially diverse leaders when it comes to a bright, inclusive, and colourful future. That is at the heart and soul of Tech Spark, Canada's first ed-tech and curriculum design firm committed to empowering BIPOC students, teachers, and women.

What Do Your Employees Care About Most in the Workplace? | Knotel

Workspace design is an increasingly critical part of attracting new talent and keeping employees happy and productive. But it can be a challenge for companies to stay on top of the latest trends while satisfying different generations of workers. That’s one of the reasons we’re seeing a real shift away from the isolation of cubicles and the sprawl of open floor plans in favor of employee-centric design, workplace strategy best practices, and organizational wellbeing.

Wendy's Case Study | Q4

"Where's the beef?" the iconic catch-phrase of the ‘80s, originated as a slogan for Wendy’s, the global fast food franchise. But what started with an old lady demanding more meat for her burger is now an all-purpose phrase for searching for substance. It has also come to represent what differentiates the chain that turns 50 this year. When Marsha Gordon, Wendy’s Manager of Shareholder Relations was faced with the critical task of redesigning their investor relations website, she had limited resources and timelines to bring their story to life for modern day investors.

The Ultimate Guide to Targeting | Q4

Whether your investor targeting is once a year or once every quarter, the key is to get the process down to an exact science and find the methods that work best for you. The process can be as simple or complex as your make it. But the right approaches can help you gain invaluable visibility into the incredibly vast investable universe. With this in mind, here are a few best practices that are designed to boost your investor outreach.

A Quick Guide to Designing Your IR Website | Q4

Today’s investors rely on your IR site to get a real sense of who you are, what sets you apart, and why they should invest in your company. From your value proposition to financial metrics, investors need quick and easy access to highly digestible content, all orchestrated by a fully seamless experience across devices. Whether it’s your shareholders or potential investors, capturing a user’s attention span (on average a mere five seconds!) means that your IR website has to not only communicate efficiently and intuitively, but also creatively.

Generational Divide: How do Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials Invest in the Market? | Q4

The financial attitudes and outlooks of Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials have each been influenced by a variety of economic events and social factors. Boomers lived through the post World War II economic boom and the sweeping inflation of the ‘70s. Gen Xers weathered the 1987 market crash, the dot-com bubble, as well as the Great Recession. And Millennials were coming of age during the recession of the late 2000s. Here’s a look at how the world’s largest generations invest in the market today.

How Retailers are Transforming Operations | WorkMarket

The retail environment is facing a ton of pressure as consumer spending is down, costs continue to rise, and competition is fierce. In a customer-centric, technology-driven, omni-channel world, online retailers like Amazon have forever changed the game. Enterprises are relentlessly challenged to improve customer service, while managing costs and driving growth seamlessly across brick-and-mortar and online channels. It’s clear that retailers need more agile and responsive solutions for an increasingly demanding and volatile marketplace. The endgame is to optimize every area of operation and leverage new technologies, to confront rapidly changing business needs in the most innovative and effective ways.

Why you should manage investor opportunities like a sales pipeline | Q4

Similar to enterprise sales, investor relations is a process. When it comes to nurturing potential prospects and building relationships, there are some pretty strong parallels. “Selling” your company’s stock is essentially about reaching the right investors at the right time, by identifying new opportunities and managing them across a series of stages. From targeting prospects to qualifying leads, aligning your story, executing meetings, nurturing relationships, and ultimately reporting investments made, IROs are essentially managing a pipeline of investor opportunities. But staying on top of “deal” flow can be highly challenging. Traditionally, IR professionals have had to rely on intuition alone, without the formal tools or quantifiable insights that sales teams typically leverage with CRM functionality (such as Salesforce).

Why conflict fuels every brand story | Content Writers Group

Every good story revolves around conflict. Whether it’s person versus person, technology, or institution, the structure of narrative builds up to the climax of conflict, and concludes with the resolution of that conflict. Kurt Vonnegut diagrammed the story structure as a narrative arc that rises and falls, from situation to complication, and finally to resolution. Applied to brand storytelling, conflict is when we identify a problem and become compelled with the process of solving it.

Six ways to tell if your brand is an expert | Content Writers Group

In today’s complex and oversaturated marketplace, it’s more important than ever to position your brand around what you think over what you sell. Brands are leveraging themselves as trusted sources of knowledge and inspiration, to bolster their place in the minds and hearts of core audiences. By offering actionable insights as an industry expert, the end goal is not only to build brand credibility and authenticity, but to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Big and Bold Design Trends for IR Websites | Q4

When it comes to investor relations, a website is one of the most crucial platforms to educate and engage the street about your company’s offerings and differentiate yourself from your peers. From your value proposition to performance metrics, investors need quick and easy access to digestible content, orchestrated by a fully seamless experience across devices. In an overcrowded and competitive marketplace, it’s more critical than ever to leverage web design to bring your brand to life.

Compelling case studies: How to champion your client as the hero | Content Writers Group

Peer-to-peer influence and third-party validation has always been critical to building client trust. Nearly 70 per cent of buyers “give the most credence to peer reviews” and, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 report, case studies are the second most effective content tactic for B2B marketers. Real-world success stories validate your brand from a human perspective. They help prospects empathize with your happiest clients and visualize how your brand can help them solve their problems too. But how do you actually blend an emotive narrative with cold hard data for a compelling story? The key to showing your value proposition in action is positioning your client as the hero.

Three secrets to creating content that has value and relevance | Content Writers Group

One of the greatest challenges in brand marketing is creating content that consistently brings value and relevance to target audiences. In the early 20th century, marketing was about interruption or distraction — trying to catch a reader’s attention by inserting witty advertising copy. The advent of social marked a new era of disruptive content — creating stories that attracted interest by strategically generating product buzz. Now, with the daily proliferation of content available to consumers, we’ve entered into a new era of discernment. Audiences are in control of exactly what they want to consume. Today, the challenge is writing content that doesn’t just sell, but also engages.

What Every CFO Needs to Know about Employee Misclassification | WorkMarket

With the boom of the on-demand economy and the rise of the contingent workforce, employee misclassification has emerged as one of the most prevalent topics for 2016. Over the last year or so, Fortune 500 giants including Uber, Lowe’s, FedEx, Google, and Deloitte were hit with devastating high-profile lawsuits for misclassifying workers as independent contractors. From small companies to powerful mega-corps, every business is vulnerable to labor violations. Since 2013, more than one-third of mid-size U.S. businesses have been fined or penalized for not complying with workforce management laws.

Creative Programs for Creative People | Toronto Film School

Toronto Film School offers accelerated diploma programs designed to prepare students for fulfilling careers in film production, acting, writing, fashion, interior decorating, video game design and development and graphic design. Students at the Toronto Film School are instructed and mentored by industry professionals who understand what it takes to succeed. Students learn through hands-on projects, immersive instruction and collaboration with their peers. At Toronto Film School, students have the opportunity to transform raw creativity into practical skills for a competitive marketplace in a career they love.

A design thinking boot camp to find your next billion-dollar idea | Idea Couture

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the second industrial revolution of our time. It's forecasted to grow to 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and no one is immune to its effects. Yet many still fail to understand what this means for their business and how to implement meaningful change when it matters most: today. Companies are increasingly forced to rethink their position along the value chain and restructure their business models.

Travel and Lifestyle Writing

I am a travel writer for "Billy Magazine," an in-lounge travel magazine and digital app designed for Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport. I write about urban lifestyle, food and drink, business and technology, arts and culture, and travel.

Harlem Still Offers the Best of Black America | Billy Magazine

Harlem has been the traditional landing place for newcomers to New York from West Africa and the Southern United States, to the extent that the name can stand for freedom and opportunity in those communities. In recent years, the neighbourhood toward the north end of Manhattan has been altered by rising rents, million-dollar condos, popular new hipster venues and stroller-pushing white families, making it more diverse, and as commentators have lamented, "less black."

Tradition Meets Fusion in Manhattan's Lower East Side | Billy Magazine

Long removed from its roots as a low-rent refuge for immigrants and social misfits, the Lower East has become home to shoebox-sized luxury condos, hipster bars, rowdy nightclubs and organic cafés. Between a frenzy of real estate development and a revolving door of businesses opening and closing, gentrification is sweeping this Lower Manhattan hood like never before. Amid the flux, today’s Lower East Side delivers character along with exciting new ideas in art and food.

Experience Real Hipster Brooklyn in Bushwick (not Williamsburg) | Billy Magazine

Saturday Night Live parodied its formerly crime-ridden streets with neighbourhood dudes talking about $8 artisanal mayonnaise and “off-the-chain” wine and cheese artist parties. The New Yorker’s April 2016 cover story cover featured its warehouse raves, commenting that “everyone in Brooklyn is a DJ.” And Vogue deemed it as one of the most stylish districts in the world.The endearingly quirky underdog to neighbouring Williamsburg’s hipster-central, Bushwick is worth the trip to Brooklyn.

How to Make Dinner Reservations Like a New Yorker | Billy Magazine

People go to alarming and impressive lengths to score a brag-worthy meal, from travelling thousands of miles to shelling out substantial bucks or standing in line for hours on end, not to mention making reservations weeks or months (or more) in advance. New Yorkers in particular want to see and be seen at one of the city’s It restaurants, making it challenging to score seats at the best of times, never mind peak hours and weekends.

Sweat and the City: New York's Hippest, Hardest and Weirdest Workouts | Billy Magazine

New York’s most popular workouts can generate the same level of buzz as some of the most coveted “it” restaurants. New Yorkers take their tank top-drenching, music-blasting, calorie-burning practices and fitness trends seriously – to a degree that might seem bizarre to a lot of outsiders, frankly. For wellness-minded travellers, trying out a new class can be an adventure – not only to discover an original take on boxing or pilates, but the rare chance to experience local culture at its rawest.

Eat your vegetables (and have your cake, too) | Billy Magazine

New York’s Lower East Side has historically been a lively and chaotic place, a brave new world in which to introduce and try new ideas. This brazen spirit is especially apparent in New York’s most vibrant and daring cooking. Among the most daring of chefs is a  former Torontonian, Amanda Cohen, who’s revolutionizing the way we think about vegetarian cuisine. Her dishes exude creative moxy and unabashed indulgence, and her cooking defies traditional vegetarian stereotypes.

A Shopping Stroll Through New York's West Village | Billy Magazine

There are few neighbourhoods more lovely than the West Village. It’s a picturesque place for a walk, with small winding cobblestone streets, lined with cascading trees, pastel-coloured vespas, historic townhouses and ivy-covered brownstones (some of which were originally built as stables). One late local resident, the American-Canadian urbanist Jane Jacobs, described it as the perfect example of community-oriented businesses and street-level culture.

The Most Fun You Can Have in Toronto on a School Night | Billy Magazine

Sure, Friday and Saturday are infamous as the sexiest nights to party. But they also come with large crowds, long lines and overpriced hype. Mondays through Thursdays may be the underdogs of the social calendar, but they’re free of the high stakes of the weekend. Everything tends to be a little more relaxed, spontaneous and experimental. There’s an undeniably giddy feeling that all of us school night rebels actually want to be out.

A Safe Harbour for Whimsy in Red Hook, Brooklyn | Billy Magazine

There’s nothing like the eclectic charm and raw urban beauty of Red Hook. More than a mile away from the closest train stop and cut off from the rest of Brooklyn by the sketchy Gowanus Canal, this waterfront neighbourhood is off the beaten track for most city slickers. Yet this Brooklyn destination not only has the small town warmth of a seaside village, but also an idiosyncratic, creative atmosphere – an increasingly rare experience in today’s New York.

Wellness Packages Thrive at New York Hotels (Even Trump is Going Granola) | Billy Magazine

Travelling has long been associated with feats of excess, from daily happy hours to overflowing breakfast buffets and staying up late on a school night. Some frequent flyers are growing tired of returning home more sluggish than before they left and with an extra five pounds on the bathroom scale. In response, hotels are learning how to become refuges for recharging and unplugging while staying healthy, fit and productive on the road.

New York's Most Eye-opening Cultural Day Trips | Billy Magazine

It goes without saying that New York City has no lack of cultural destinations, particularly in Manhattan. Yet no matter how much we may adore Gotham, an escape from the urban jungle can offer a chilled-out change of scenery: plenty of fresh air, sweeping landscapes, quiet open spaces and one-of-a-kind cultural discoveries. Find a pleasant day to escape the crowds and sirens to experience open-air museums, sculpture gardens, historic cemetery parks and an art party paradise in a former school.

Lululemon Takes Manhattan | Billy Magazine

The term “athleisure” refers to the booming trend that’s blending “athletic” and “leisure” wear, and it has become so ubiquitous that the Merriam-Webster dictionary plans to include it in its next update. Lululemon prefers to call its wares “progressive athletic apparel that carries active people seamlessly throughout the day,” and if you want a glimpse where the Vancouver-based company wants to take the trend, you have to make the trip to Manhattan.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting NY | Billy Magazine

New York is one of the most stimulating and inspiring cities in the world. But the pulsating hustle and bustle of people, sights and activities can also be overwhelming and confusing. No matter how loud Alicia Keys’s New York State of Mind might be playing in your head, it doesn’t take long to realize that it takes more than a big smile and the best of intentions to make it in New York City. Fortunately, there are unspoken rules and insider tricks to side-step the classic missteps of visitors.